Elite Partners Capital Pte Ltd (“EPC”) is a Singapore-based alternative investment manager with a core focus on strategies that deliver lasting value for our investors based on common interest, long-term perspective and a disciplined approach.

The key investment activities are global real estate markets and other alternative investments. In real estate investments, the company takes an active role in the management of the assets in terms of formulating long- and short-term development plans which include, but not limited to, decisions on marketing, tenant mix, redevelopment, and capital structure

In other alternative investments, EPC aims to deliver unique investment opportunities to generate returns that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes, utilsing structures to protect the capital while growing the wealth of our clients. Current offerings include a Structured Trade Income Fund and a Norwegian Technology Fund.

EPC operates as a Singapore-based Registered Fund Management Company ("RFMC"), under the Securities and Futures (Licensing and Conduct of Business) Regulations ["SFR"], administered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Elite Partners Capital brings together a Singaporean core management team with decades of experience in alternative investments, complemented with finance expertise in the area of capital markets and treasury, to manage assets of institutional and accredited investors and create value through forward looking investment strategies that provide clear development and divestment plans, and carefully managed risks and optimized capital structure.

The Real Estate Team holds a transactional record exceeding SGD4bln in sale and purchase of real estate investments while managing assets of more than 3 million square feet in space, including a REIT listed on SGX with market capitalisaton in excess of S$1.3b.

The Private Equity Team had managed AUM in excess of USD300m, having designed and launched numerous PE funds in Asia, raised capital for the portfolio companies and executed successful exits over different economic cycles.