One-stop Integrated Halal Hub

- Phase I of the proposed INTEGRATED HALAL HUB is to be a one-stop centre for all aspects of business and related activities on halal food manufacturing, processing, preparation, packaging, storage, testing, certification, marketing, supply and trading.

- The Hub will link the entire supply chain from suppliers to end consumers.



Supply Chains

Scalable Across Sectors and International Boundaries

The Halal Hub concept is highly scalable across sectors…

  • ‘Halal’ is not exclusive to the food industry
  • Halal certification applies to every aspect of an Islamic lifestyle including cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, logistics, etc.
  • Within the pharmaceutical industry alone, there is a growing demand for halal vaccines, nutraceutical products (dietary supplements and medicinal food ingredients) as well as devices that are used during medical operations.
  • We can easily expand this concept to animal feeds, ingredients & additives, thus creating the demand and environment for the Islamic financing market to flourish in Singapore.
  • Our vision is to create a Singapore brand of Halal eco-system that will serve as a benchmark for consumers of Halal products globally. In the process, creating meaningful jobs and whole new industries that encompass each and every component of the Halal value chain.

… and across geographical boundaries

  • Halal Hub concept can also be scaled globally with Japan, China, Middle East, Korea, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia markets in sights.
  • The entire eco-system will create signification synergies for standardisation of the certification process, economics of scales and a wider reach for businesses to produce, market and deliver halal products across different markets.

Why choose Singapore ?